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H Pack

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Hello! My name is Heather, I am the owner and founder of H Pack! I have my Professional Pet Sitters Certification through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. I am certified in pet safety and first aid! I am also a member of Pet Sitters International.  I have my bachelors degree from Michigan State University (Go Green!).  I spent 7 years working in financial wealth management and business banking.  I am thankful for the experience I gained in the financial field as I am able to run my own business with the best practices that I learned. In the end animals are my passion and I was able to bring my financial experience and love for animals together to create H Pack! I offer training, grooming and sitting services.  I started my business in Metro Detroit Michigan where I operated for five years! I am now running H Pack in Destin, Florida! 

You will most likely see me around town with my pup Bazzle who is a fun loving, hyper, and sweet Lagotto! 

How H Pack began....


My story starts with a spunky little Bichon Frise named Jazz. I would spend hours reading the dog encyclopedia, Cesar Milan training books, and of course watching Jack Hanna’s show on Animal Planet. My mom got Jazz for me when I was 7 years old because I would not stop begging her for a dog. Once Jazz came home, I instantly fell in love. I spent all my time training him, playing with him, and cutting his hair. Jazz never left my side! We had a very special bond and because of that, I had a very hard time leaving him with other people for sitting, grooming, or training. He was the inspiration behind the at-home care that H Pack provides!

I never felt comfortable leaving Jazz at a boarding facility for training or sitting. There were too many other dogs and I knew he wouldn’t get the one-on-one care to which he had grown accustom. There weren’t many pet sitting or at-home training options in my area at the time. This gave me great insight into what my clients are looking for. I am that dependable person they can call to take the worry out of training, grooming, or leaving for vacation.

The few times I took Jazz to a groomer he struggled and would be there for hours! I started grooming him at home and thought to myself how nice it would be if someone could come groom him in my home. This inspired me to add house call grooming services to the already established pet services business.

Clients don’t have to worry about pick-up or drop-off times. They don’t have to stress about transporting their dog. They also have peace of mind knowing their pup is just a room away. Many of the dogs that I groom do much better at home and their humans are so thankful to have this service.

My friends and family call me the animal whisperer and it’s true! I am able to connect with animals on their level and understand their individual personalities. I am passionate about my work and do it with a gentle, compassion, patience, and kind demeanor that is unmatched. Animals pick up on our energy and they need to feel the positivity and happiness of the person who will be caring for them. I get to know the pet’s individual needs and will specifically cater to those needs. I always make sure the pets feel happy, comfortable, and secure.

I prefer an open communication style and make sure my clients know they can get ahold of me when they need to. This ensures both parties feel satisfied and know what is to be expected. Animals are my passion and I work diligently to make sure my business runs smoothly and efficiently.


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In order to book a service with H Pack please reach out via call/text to 850-466-6025 or email  If you would like to schedule a phone appointment  please do so with this link! 

The H Pack! 

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