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House Call Grooming Services

Full Groom: Bath, Blow Out, Full Body Hair

Cut or Furmination, Nail Trim

Additional Services: Teeth Brushing, Ear Flush, Light Vacuuming (Clean Up Fur)

Face, Feet, and Fanny (FFF): Bath, Blow Out, Sanitary Cut, Face Trim, and Nail Trim

Puff and Fluff: Bath, Blowout and Brush

Additional Charges May Include:

Matting Fee

Extra Care Fee

(Extends length of time it takes to groom)

Cancelation Fee

(If less than 24 hours notice)


Please call/text 850-466-6025 or schedule an introductory phone call to book your groom! 

Grooming Portfolio

Please follow H Pack Pet Services on Instagram or Facebook to see my portfolio!  I am very active on social media and love interacting and updating my clients through photos of their pets!


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